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May 2023
  • New Track Shadow Released!
  • Lyric Video for Shadow released.
  • Received a Josie Nomination for Best Rock Band
  • Received a Josie Nomination for Best Rock Song (Knife In My Back)
    • Josie's are the independent artists' version of the Grammy awards. 

January 2023
  • Started off the year with a Runner-Up Award for Best International Band from Radio Wigwam!
  • Several more nominations pending for our music from 2022. 
  • Final mixes are back on the new music. Set for a May 2023 release. 

December 2022
  • Finished mixing the new tracks in December
  • Nominated by Radio Wigwam for the 2022 International Band of the Year Award

Been a few months since we've provided updates...we've been busy:
  • Received a Josie Award Nomination for our song Lift & Divide
  • Several opening opportunities (Hinder, That Arena Rock Show x2, Hairball)
  • Performing 2-5 shows a month since August
  • Got into the studio in October and recorded new music (Coming 2023!!!)

August 2022
  • The band was announced as the opener for Hinder.

July 2022
Recent News Updates
  • The band was signed to a summer festival tour but had to cancel due to scheduling conflicts. 
  • The band has been busy playing shows across the state. 
  • Became an Endorsed Artist through Dirt Bag Clothing. 

May 11, 2022
Tune in to the Not The Girls Next Door show to hear our own, Rich Thompson, discuss the lyrics behind one of our latest…Knife In My Back! 8–11 am (CST) HERE!

Also, Lurch's Lair will be playing a surprise song from us on tonight's show from 5-8 pm HERE! (Surprise because we have no idea which one they are playing!) =]

May 7, 2022
Curtain Call Records and Rock Rage Radio have created a CD Sampler that will be made available at various summer festivals. They included our song, Knife In My Back, on the disc. They have also curated a Spotify Playlist with the included tracks. Check it out Here!

April 24, 2022
ERB Magazine out of the UK ran an article on us this month. Be sure to check it out!

April 23, 2022
Run was released today. Check out this PLAYLIST.

April 15, 2022
Knife In My Back was released today. Check it out wherever you stream music.

March 31, 2022
Our newest track "Burning" releases today as does the Official Lyric Video.

March 19, 2022
Great turnout for our show in Salina, tonight!

March 15, 2022
We were awarded the Best New Artist of 2022 by Rampage Music Awards.

March 12, 2022
The Veil video had 400 views in less than 36 hours! (Pretty Cool)

March 11, 2022
Our self-written/shot/produced/edited video for The Veil was released today. Be sure to check it out here on our website or on our YouTube Channel.

March 11, 2022
Our newest track, The Veil, was released at midnight this morning.

March 6, 2022
KNZS 100.3 (Hutchinson/Wichita, KS) will debut Lift and Divide on celestial FM radio tonight during the 7 PM window.

February 26, 2022
Spent the day filming the video for our next release, The Veil. The video and track with be released on March 11, 2022.

February 18, 2022
The Rock'n'Roll Vibration radio show will begin playing Lift and Divide on their show today on radioalternativarock.com.

February 17, 2022
UndergroundProud.com posted a short write-up on us today. Here

February 15, 2022
Reviews are starting to surface for the new release, Lift and Divide...pretty cool! This guy's videos are great. If you haven't checked out his YouTube channel, get there. RedBeard Hippie

February 14, 2022
Happy Valentines Day!!! It is RELEASE DAY! Our newest release, Lift and Divide, dropped TODAY! Be sure to go save it to your favorite streaming site's playlists, purchase it from your favorite source for downloaded music, and then...Go check out the Official Lyric Video on our YouTube page!

February 11, 2022
Great show tonight at the TempleLive. Watch for videos from that performance.

February 10, 2022
We intend to record our live performance of Lift and Divide at tomorrow night's TempleLive Wichita show for an upcoming video release. If you plan to attend, get crazy!

February 9, 2022
Twitch's Dope Show announced they will premier our new track Lift and Divide on their show this weekend. Get details Here 
*Disclaimer - Facebook will give you several warning screens since the word "Dope" is in the title. It is not a drug page--Dope is in reference to the music being "Dope."

February 8, 2022
Closing in on 100 Pre-Saves! Be #100 and win! Pre-Save

February 3, 2022
The Pre-Save for our upcoming single just went live. Go HERE

February 2, 2022
As if we don't have enough going on...some genius (Erick) thought it would be a great idea to get into the podcasting business. Come see how painful our first swing at this epic video event went. It's the best 30 minutes you will never get back!! PODCAST

***Please take the time to seek out each of the Podcasts, Playlists, Radio Stations, and Influencers listed below and thank them for supporting both #indieartist AND Bootleg Mercy!!***

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